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I spent today doing a 6 hour social media advertising training with a local Denver Business.

I’ve received amazing feedback about how helpful it was and how it will empower their team to more effectively use Facebook™ to achieve their marketing goals!

I’m curious how many people in my network would be interested in this kind of training/coaching.

Have you struggled to market your business or organization using social media?

Have your Facebook™ marketing attempts yielded a less than stellar return on investment (ROI)?

Are you overwhelmed by the vast options and complicated tools available for digital marketing?

Would you be interested in bringing me into your business to train you or your team on taking your efforts to the next level?

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You don’t need to pay an agency expensive markups to create and run your ads!

With a little training you can be your very own “Digital Marketing Pro”!

Would you be interested in attending a training event with other business owners and entrepreneurs in the future?

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Do you know someone who could benefit from this type of event or service?

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Please SHARE far and wide. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and your friends and helping more people achieve BIG returns on their marketing dollars in 2018!

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I write code well...bios not so much. My name is Cortland and I am a freelance web designer/developer working out of Denver, Colorado. I do training, coaching, and speaking on social media and digital advertising strategy for small businesses, campaigns, and non-profits.

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