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As a 100% self taught designer/developer I am well acquainted with online learning. The internet is an amazing resource for just about anything one might need to learn. In this blog series I’ll be highlighting some of the best resources from around the web. Today I’m talking to business owners who want to #LevelUp at business and digital strategy. Although this post is geared toward business owners, the resources mentioned are packed full of goodies for anyone who want to learn!

#1 Lynda.com & LinkedIn Learning

Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning

One of the oldest and most popular sites to learn just about anything is Lynda.com. Getting it’s start back in 1995, Lynda is one of the most robust platforms for online learning offering over six thousand courses and over two hundred and fifty thousand video tutorial. In 2015 LinkedIn acquired Lynda and launched LinkedIn Learning. The content on both are the same however they remain separate platforms that offer slightly different features. I won’t go in to depth about the differences here but you can compare the two sites and pick the platform that fits your needs best.

Bonus: Many public libraries offer FREE access to Lynda.com through the Lynda Library Program. Find out how to access the Lynda Library through your city or counties library website. Hundreds of other schools, and non-profits also give FREE Lynda.com access to their students and members so do some looking into how you may already have access to Lynda.

#2 edX.org

EdX.org Free Online Courses

One of my favorite resources for online learning is edX.org. Started in 2012 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, edX is a collection of collegiate level courses from learning institutions around the world. The beauty of edX is that the courses are mostly FREE to audit yet some have an option to pay a small fee if you would like a verified certificate of completion. I began my serious dive into computer science after finding Harvards CS50 intro to computer science course on edX. If you’ve wanted to up your game and learn at a collegiate level (for FREE), edX is the solution you’ve been looking for!

The next two resources are perfect for the business owner looking to improve their digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. As I’ve mentioned time and again, digital marketing is becoming a skill that every business needs to cultivate internally. The days of online advertising being siloed off to professional vendors are quickly vanishing. As online advertising platforms improve their accessibility they are making themselves far easier for anyone to use! If these skills are something your business needs make sure to check out my digital marketing training and coaching services.

#3 Facebook Blueprint

Facebook™ advertising is the new frontier for online advertisers. With nearly endless options for advertisers getting started can be overwhelming and intimidating for even those most tech savvy entrepreneur. I’m a big believer that 1 on 1 training and coaching is an essential 1st step in tackling your digital marketing goals, but as with any skill there is always so much more to learn. As you get started with Facebook™ ads Blueprint can be the continuing education resource you’ve been looking for. The platform is relatively new and adding resources all the time, but at the time of writing this already has quite a bit of content for aspiring advertisers.

#4 Google Primer

Oh the elusive and always ambiguous “SEO”. Search engine optimization is a broad and ever changing aspect of online business that has been confusing people for years! As a web designer and digital consultant I hear horror stories every day about how a client paid thousands of dollars for SEO that they barely noticed and most certainly didn’t understand. In the world of SEO it’s crucial that you have a baseline understanding of what it actually is. Even if you are going to hire an agency or individual to improve your SEO it’s vital that you know what you’re buying. Google’s “Primer App” is the perfect place to start! Available on android and iOS once you download the app you can take short classes on SEO basics right from your phone. The content is bite sized, well organized, and extremely easy to interact with. With 86% of the “search engine” market share Google is definitely the right place to get your education on SEO. Once you download the app you will most likely complete your first course in 5 or 10 minutes. With a few courses under your belt you’ll begin to develop the confidence to take on your SEO challenges head first!

Lastly, I want to introduce you to  a less academic resource that should become a staple in your weekly routine.

#5 The Tim Ferriss Show

I love podcasts! I have several that I listen to weekly and many more that I occasionally binge. I will be posting a top ten list of my favorites on this blog in the coming weeks. But in the mean time, go get started with Tim Ferriss‘ award winning podcast. With over 200+ million downloads, you’ll be in good company as Tim introduces you to some of the top thinkers in business and beyond.

Well that wraps up this list! I’ll be posting more resources on the blog in the coming weeks. If this post was valuable to you take a minute and give it a share on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!

Extra Credit:

Leave me a comment telling me about some of your favorite resources for learning online. There are thousands out their and I’m sure some of you know of some that I don’t.

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