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Flexible Pricing and Customized Service

Are you in need of a digital strategy? Maybe you have been using the web to reach your audience but wish you could see a better return on investment. Most entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing directors see the need to leverage the internet for all it's worth, but struggle to stay up to date with the lates tools, tactics, and strategies to effectively execute a digital program. 

This is where I come in!

With over 7 years of web development and digital marketing experience, I bring the knowledge to empower you and your team to use the web more effectively! 

Harness The Power of 1 on 1 Consulting

So you may be asking, "Why hire a consultant vs. a marketing agency?" Well, I'm so glad you asked! Let's break down three advantages of digital strategy consulting.

Knowledge is Power (and $$)

That's right, the intimate knowledge about how your digital strategy is developed and executed is extremely valuable. 

If you outsource this process you are loosing out on your ability to tweak or replicate your results in the future. With the pace things move on the web, you 100% will need to modify and replicate your strategy in new and different ways all the time! 

If you give the keys to your online success to an outside group, you will lose them when you are no longer paying them. 

By hiring a consultant, you and your internal team learn the ins and outs of your digital strategy and how to execute it. Meaning rather than simply getting a "fish" you're learning HOW! 

Scaleable Cost That Fits You

Paying an agency to develop and execute your digital strategy can get expensive! Agencies also tend to carry a BIG price tag up front. If you're like most small businesses your resources are limited and every dollar you spend needs to make money sooner than later. 

With consulting you are paying a smaller weekly or monthly payment in exchange for ongoing 1 on 1 coaching. This weekly or monthly time is spent helping you develop and execute your strategy allowing you to scale up as you grow. 

Remember that you get to retain all the knowledge and resources gained from this consulting, giving you an asset that lasts long after your bill is paid. 

Real Time & 1 on 1

So you may be thinking, "I don't need a consultant...I have Google!" First off that's actually a great attitude to have. There is a TON of resources around the web that can help you design and tune your digital strategy. I even recommend some in my blog post about the best ways to level up! But as with all things there are some down sides to using solely this approach. 

The internet (and especially digital marketing) is changing at a rapid pace. Many self proclaimed "Google Pros" still struggle to find the latest and most accurate information about a given subject. Not to mention that you may simply not know where to start. We've all been reading through a "tutorial" or "how to" article only to wish there was a pre-tutorial that would help any of it to make sense! 

1 on 1 real time coaching means that you are getting the latest and greatest information in a way designed specifically for your current needs. It's an approach that is frankly unbeatable! 


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