A Shutdown of Biblical Proportions

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As some of my friends know, in addition to my interest in all things web, I have a lot of interest in politics and religion. I know it’s not polite dinner time conversation, but I think these topics NEED to be discussed regularly! If you’re just popping by my website to see about my digital work, feel free to skip this post. But for the rest of you please chime in. Leave me a comment of give it a share on social media with your take! 

Is it lost on Christians that, according to their beliefs, Jesus and his parents were “illegal” immigrants to Egypt for the first years of his life?

Is the irony lost on them? That The Jesus character (a person of color) and his family fled to Egypt to escape the dangers of tyranny. That they did so without proper paperwork or formal waiting periods. That the life they claim to worship was only made possible by this action.

And yet, many of them stand up and shout about the importance of putting “America First” with hardly any mention of how America consistently funds, arms, and empowers some of the worlds cruelest tyrants?

How has a religion so deeply deceived itself? 

Have they forgotten that their entire scripture was presumed to be written by members of a migrant tribe whom were regularly oppressed by imperial super powers? Have they forgotten that the pinnacle of righteousness, as outlined by their prophets and teachers, was to care for the strangers, orphans and disenfranchised among them?

Will some of my Christian friends please help me understand?

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  1. It is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle, than it is to fit a wealthy man.

    The Bible
    So we (the general population of Americans) have gotten comfy with our lifestyle. Even the suggestion that immigrants are going to take food and safety away from us, scares the absolute mess out of anyone ignorant to poverty and the more often than not, illegal choices/moves one might make to provide a better life for their loved ones.
    The issue with the crowd that would otherwise lead folks to believe they are Christians, is that Christianity is being used as a platform and or avenue for personal, mental and financial gain.
    That mindset is definitely not Christianity.
    See the goal is not live your life getting to heaven. But instead, to love one another, provide for those who need provisions, feed those who are hungry and cloth those who are without in a time of need.
    Heaven will or won’t happen. And that will never be a personal decision for anyone to make after death.
    We are supposed to be providing heaven for those who would otherwise never see the outside of their ditch, so to speak.

    My personal belief is that there is no heaven or hell after physical death.
    But instead, my eternity is neither the past, nor the future. But instead it is the now.
    The past is for learning from mistakes.
    The future is for the forsite with which to see pitfalls and roadblocks.

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