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So you’ve got a website. Maybe you built a website for your own business or the business or non-profit you work for. When getting started with your site you were trying to keep cost low and didn’t want to delve too deep into all the techie add-ons and features. You very well may have skipped right over anything about making your site SSL secure. If that’s the case this blog is for you!

Why An SSL (Making Your Site Https) Was Always a Good Idea

For years after the launch of Https capability people held the belief that you really only needed this on pages that were taking very sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers. Because of that general wisdom many opted not to spring the extra yearly cost of an SSL certificate to make their sites https secure. Then a few years ago Google announced that it would start considering a sites security in their search algorithm. This meant that making your site https secure would help your position in search results. This drove many to get there sites on board and finally spend the extra cash on an SSL cert.

Now More Important Than Ever

A similar Not Secure warning shown in the Firefox Browser.

This year Google has announced that in the new versions of Chrome it will begin showing a “Not Secure” warning  to visitors of ALL non-SSL sites. Other browsers are quickly following suit which makes this a problem to be addressed by anyone with a website! When your visitors first arrive at your site they will get the initial feeling from these warnings that they can’t trust you. This is BAD for your website and even worse if you are needing to collect some type of information from your users.

You Can Fix Your Site For Free!

Most domain registrars and hosting companies make buying an SSL cert and loading it on your site pretty easy. I know that GoDaddy, Squarespace, Weebly, WpEngine and many others have this option. But with the necessity for all sites to make the move to https security there is of course a new and FREE way for you to make your site SSL. It’s called Let’s Encrypt and they will issue an SSL cert for your site for FREE! Getting that cert loaded on to your site can be easy or somewhat difficult depending on who your host is and what server access options they give you. WpEngine has a 1 click Let’s Encrypt install built into their user interface that makes making all your domains https secure easier than ever.

Don’t Wait, Make Your Site Https NOW!

Regardless of what route you take, it’s imperative that you make certain your site is https:// and that it is enforced across all pages of your site. If you need more help in getting your site SSL set up feel free to reach out to me for my digital consulting or web development services.

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